Scott Hardaway presentation of July 10, 2010

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On July 10, 2010, Scott Hardaway of VIMS gave an informative presentation on the beach preservation plan. In the discussion following, it became clear that there are several possible plans that can be followed to protect the beach, with different people having different opinions on what the best solution would be. Generally, those from the southern part of the beach, where erosion is a worse problem, are in favor of stronger approaches, while those on the northern part of the beach tend to be more concerned with negative impacts on the beach (both visual and otherwise) and of possible costs.

To make progress in resolving this issue, we put together a committee to further explore the options.

The committee will work with Scott Hardaway, other experts, government officials at various levels, and the Bavon-side committee to identify the possible actions to preserve our beach. It will identify plans, costs of those plans, and the likely risks associated with each. Finally, it will present what it learns to the community to make a decision.

I came away from the meeting with the following questions that I hope to get answers to in future committee meetings (as I'm on the committee):

  • How will the final decision be made?
  • What is the relationship of the Chesapeake Shores committee and the committee of Bavon Beach residents that has been exploring these plans for some years now?