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February 28, 2011

Fellow Chesapeake Shores property owners,

Over the years, most of us gave little thought to the ownership of the common properties in our subdivision. Those common properties include our roads as well as the common beach area that extends along most of our waterfront. Recently, it was discovered that the corporation that developed Chesapeake Shores went out of existence without passing ownership of its remaining properties to anyone. In order to protect our interests as property owners, the Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association was recently incorporated with the goal of obtaining ownership of these common properties. It also provides, for the first time, a legal entity to be responsible for the maintenance of the common properties. I would like to emphasize that the association has no authority over anyone’s private property. It cannot set architectural or landscaping standards for your property.

All owners of property within Chesapeake Shores are automatically members of the association, but since there are no covenants on our properties requiring financial support of an association, payment of membership dues is strictly voluntary. Voting rights within the association, however, will only be extended to those who elect to pay annual dues. Most of you have contributed in response to past informal requests for road maintenance funds, the water system backup generator project, etc. I hope that all property owners will continue this generous support by becoming dues paying, voting members.

Those who agreed to serve as initial directors on the board of the association have dealt with the tasks of getting the association incorporated, establishing bylaws, developing a budget and setting voting member dues of $100 per year. A web site for the association has been established and minutes of the meetings of the board have been posted there. If you have not yet visited the web site, I encourage you to check it out at

In addition, at no expense to Chesapeake Shores property owners, Billie Millner, one of our homeowners, a member of the board and a practicing attorney, has undertaken the task of filing a law suit to have the Court declare our roads and common beach area to be owned by the home owners association. This would not, of course, include the privately owned beaches north of Clearview Avenue. Mr. Millner points out that there is no assurance as to what the Court will do, but he believes that the case has merit.

With all of this in mind, I am asking for you to join the association as a voting member. Your dues, as in past years, will be used for road maintenance including brush clearings and mowings, weed/grass spraying along the pavement edges, speed bump painting and any necessary tree trimming or removal. Additionally, your dues will meet the need for liability insurance, mailing and post office box costs, annual meeting room, SCC fees, etc. Please make your check payable to the Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association and address it to:

Chesapeake Shores HOA P.O. Box 325 Port Haywood, VA 23138

Finally, if you did not receive this letter by email, it would be very helpful if you would provide an email address that can be used in the future. This will save your association time, effort and money in keeping you informed. Please send your email address to Joe Dzikiewicz, the association Secretary, at

Peyton Carr President