Board meeting of October 9, 2010

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Minutes of Chesapeake Shores HOA meeting of October 9, 2010

Note: a PDF version of these minutes is available here.


  • Peyton Carr (President)
  • Hal Rose
  • Dave Norris (Treasurer)
  • Billie Millner
  • Drew Mulhare (Vice president)
  • Joe Dzikiewicz (by phone) (Secretary)
  • Sonny Fauver (sporadically by phone)
  • Helen Whitehead (as observer)

Resolutions passed:

  • Dave Norris is authorized to open a checking account for the HOA at a bank of his choice (which he tells us will be Chesapeake Bank, where we will be paying no fees on the account). The president and treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks on the account.
  • Dave Norris is authorized to get a post office box to serve as the mailing address for the HOA. Dave tells us that the price of this is $70 a year, with an additional $1 per key.
  • Dave Norris is authorized to buy liability insurance for the HOA with directors and officers coverage. (Dave has gotten a quote for $2 million total coverage, $1 million per incident, from the SIL insurance agency, coverage provided by Auto - Owners Insurance Co.)
  • Sonny Fauver is the HOA point of contact to the Aqua Virginia Water Company, which is doing improvements to the water plant at the beach.
  • The bylaws are approved. These are published here.
  • Our regular meetings will be on the second Saturday in the first month of each quarter.

Other news/discussion:

  • The primary purpose of this HOA is the maintenance of community common areas such as roads. As such, we will be taking over the tasks previously managed informally by Peyton Carr and Chuck Neff. While there is currently a lot of discussion on beach preservation plans, over the long term the HOA is here to manage common areas and concerns.
  • We will need a tax ID number for the HOA. Dave Norris will get it.
  • We need to find a conference-call service for future meetings. Joe will investigate.
  • In future, we will publish minutes in two forms: on the website and as a document file.
  • Hal Rose will be point-of-contact for the HOA in communicating with Dominion regarding power issues (such as trimming of trees near powerlines).
  • Jack Caldwell is point-of-contact for managing road maintenance issues such as cutting grass on the common areas.
  • There was discussion of the need for work on the drainage culverts under Pritchett Avenue.
  • Dave Norris will develop a budget. Once we have that, we will be able to determine membership fees for the HOA. At that point, we will reach out to owners to ask them to join.
  • Helen Whitehead has kindly volunteered to get a list of all Chesapeake Shores property owners with the possibility of getting them to join the HOA. Currently we have a list of homeowners, but not of owners of all Chesapeake Shores lots.
  • There was some question as to whether the HOA will be taxed for common property that it owns. This needs further exploration.
  • We will move the website to the domain to better reflect the name of our organization. (Note: for now, both and will point to the same pages.)
  • Billie Millner is pursuing having the HOA gain ownership of the community common properties not currently owned by anyone.
  • The website will serve as the official files of the HOA.
  • The next meeting of the HOA will be on November 13 at 10:00 AM at Dave Norris’s house. Observers are welcome.