Board meeting of November 13, 2010

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Minutes of Chesapeake Shores HOA meeting of November 13, 2010

Note: a PDF version of these minutes is available here.


  • Peyton Carr (President)
  • Jack Caldwell
  • Drew Mulhare (Vice President)
  • Dave Norris (Treasurer)
  • Joe Dzikiewicz (Secretary)


  • Drew Mulhare has resigned as Vice President and member of the board due to conflicts with another obligation that he has. He offered to continue attending board meetings as an informal advisor.
  • Helen Whitehead was kind enough to get a tax map and listing of owners of the Chesapeake Shores lots. She sent mail to those owners to let them know of the formation of the HOA. We will continue to reach out to them when it comes time to solicit paid memberships by property owners.
  • The community roads were not owned by Chesapeake Shores Inc. We are still investigating taking ownership of them.
  • There are no upgrades underway on the community water system. However, if 10 owners want to be added to the system, Aqua Virginia will consider it.
  • Dave Norris has opened the HOA bank account and gotten the post office. Our mailing address is now:
    Chesapeake Shores HOA
    PO Box 325
    Port Haywood, VA  23138
  • Dave Norris got the HOA’s tax ID number. He still is investigating getting us tax exempt status, though that may not be necessary as dues are not considered taxable revenue and we will have no other sources of income.
  • Dave Norris presented three draft budgets. The board is considering them.
  • Other decisions are postponed until a meeting with a better turnout. We will try to have another meeting in early December.