Board meeting of July 9, 2011

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  • Peyton Carr
  • Jack Caldwell
  • Joe Dzikiewicz
  • Sonny Fauver,
  • Dave Norris
  • Billie Millner (observer)
  • Drew Mulhare (observer)

Treasurer's report

The treasurer’s report is here. The summary is that we’re in good shape. The board unanimously accepted the treasurer’s report.

Bylaw amendments

In section 2.1, eliminate the following lines: “not later than the first anniversary of the incorporation of the Association” and “on weekdays (other than legal holidays recognized as such in Virginia).” This is to allow the first annual meeting to be held on Labor Day weekend when the board believes many owners will be at the beach. This was unanimously approved by the board.

In section 3.4, remove the sentence "A sample proxy is attached as Exhibit A." Remove Exhibit A. This was unanimously approved by the board.

Elections update

The elections committee is putting together a letter describing how we will be electing board members at the September 3 meeting. This will be sent to all HOA members who have paid their dues by the time the mailing goes out. The notification will go to the person who paid the dues. Any paid member who wishes may have the notification go to someone else by notifying the secretary before August 5. We expect this mailing to go out by August 5.

The board will consist of five members. The existing board members are the board’s slate of candidates.

Common properties update

The HOA has filed suit for ownership of the roads. We expect this to be complete by the time of the annual meeting. During the annual meeting we will have a general discussion about what to do about ownership of the common beach areas. Following that discussion, Billie Millner will file for ownership in accordance with the wishes of the membership.

Breakwater news

Drew Mulhare gave an update on the Bavon Beach community’s efforts on breakwaters. Fish and Wildlife has given a schedule that shows that the beach and hydrologic surveys have been completed. The breakwaters are now being designed. The plan will be put in front of the county wetlands board at the beginning of September to apply for permits. The hope is to start work in January, 2012, and finish in April, 2012. This is an engineering timeline: there are still a number of other issues that have to be resolved, including finalizing details with Luck Stone. Fish and Wildlife has already delivered the $200,000 grant. The cost to homeowners has not yet been determined.


Peyton expressed thanks to Jack Caldwell for handling the lawn maintenance work and to Sonny Fauver for managing the Aqua Virginia relationship.

Sonny reported on Aqua Virginia. Currently their rates are not regulated by the state, but Aqua is seeking state regulation on the water rates. They are upgrading their facilities that service our neighborhood to match the state regulated water quality. (Currently, they do not meet that quality level.) As part of the updates, they will be increasing capacity and will be able to take on additional houses. As Sonny suggested, Aqua is keeping a waiting list of people who want to be added.

Future meetings

There will be another board meeting on Saturday, August 27, at 10:30 at the Dzikiewicz home at 264 Chesapeake Shores Drive. This is to prepare for the annual meeting.

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, September 3, at 10:30, at the Beulah United Methodist Church on Route 14.