Board meeting of July 7, 2012

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  • Jack Caldwell
  • Peyton Carr
  • Joe Dzikiewicz
  • Sonny Fauver
  • Dave Norris
  • Drew Mulhare (observer)


  • Dave Norris presented the treasurer report. The summary is that there has been no real change since last meeting. The one major concern is legal bills: our legal bills in resolving the issue of ownership for the common properties have been greater than expected due to unexpected levels of opposition. We have not yet gotten those bills, but we expect them to exceed the funds we have available. We will discuss options for dealing with the bills in the general meeting of the HOA in September: we expect to know what our costs will be at that time and will be in a better position to discuss options.
  • We discussed our current liability insurance. We currently have liability for up to $1 million per instance, $2 million total per year, and $1 million coverage for directors and officers. Based on advice we've received both from lawyers and insurance agents, we believe that is sufficient for our current level of risk and will be sufficient for the increased risks that would result from gaining ownership of the common properties.
  • We had a lengthy discussion about communications with the membership. We decided to send a letter to the membership describing the decisions that the board has recently made regarding ownership of the common properties and the breakwater project. In addition, we will produce a history of the HOA covering these issues, to be put on the HOA website. This history will include several of the key documents. We hope to produce these sometime in the next few weeks and to have them reviewed by the attorney currently handling the common properties litigation.
  • Drew was kind enough to bring along the plans for the breakwaters. Drew pointed out that the breakwaters will be built in the water and not on the common beach area. The only impact on the common beach areas should be an increase of sand.
  • Sonny Fauver reported on the preparations for the 2012 board election. The election committee consists of Sonny, Drew Mulhare, and Chuck Neff. Sonny expects that the process will be similar to what happened last year. There is one seat up for election this year, that of Jack Caldwell. The board agreed that Jack is the board candidate for the seat. A letter should be going out to the membership sometime soon.
  • The general membership meeting will be Saturday, September 1, at 10:30 AM, at the Beulah United Methodist Church on Rte 14.