Board meeting of July 5, 2014

From Chesapeake Shores HOA
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  • Peyton Carr - President
  • Joe Dzikiewicz - Secretary
  • Sonny Fauver - Vice president
  • Dave Norris - Treasurer


  • Dave Norris presented the year-to-date financial report. it is here. In summary, things are going well. We have not yet received bills for insurance or lawn service, so there is currently a large cash surplus on hand, but we expect those bills to come in shortly. All in all, we are in line with the budget. The board approved the report.
  • The annual member's meeting will be on Saturday, August 30, at 10:30 at the Beulah Methodist Church.
  • The board appointed Jack Caldwell as chair of the election committee. This year, Dave Norris and Peyton Carr are up for reelection for three year terms. Details on the election will be sent out to the members shortly.
  • At the annual meeting, the board will propose a change in the bylaws to allow the board to have 3-7 members instead of the current 3-5. The additional members will allow the board to expand so that we are certain there are enough members to handle business in the event of any unfortunate contingencies.
  • The board thanks those community members who put on an impressive and entertaining Fourth of July fireworks display.