Board meeting of July 24, 2010

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The board of the provisional Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association met on July 24, 2010. The following was accomplished at that meeting:

  • Homeowners Association business.
    • We selected officers for the board. The following are the officers and other members of the board:
    • Peyton Carr, President
    • Drew Mulhare, Vice President
    • Dave Norris, Treasurer
    • Joe Dzikiewicz, Secretary
    • Jack Caldwell, member
    • Sonny Fauver, member
    • Billie Millner, member
    • Hal Rose, member
    • We reviewed the draft Articles of Incorporation of the board. There were a number of edits made. Billie Millner agreed to send the updated articles to the board when the edits are incorporated. (I will post them here when they are available.)
    • Billie Millner is handling the efforts to incorporate the homeowners association.
    • Billie Millner is handling the efforts to get ownership of the common properties turned over to the Homeowners Association.
    • We agreed that the association will need insurance.
    • We agreed to table the question of what the dues for membership of the association should be until such time as we are able to prepare a budget for the association.

  • Beach preservation plans.
    • General information on current status of beach preservation efforts
      • The Bavon Beach group has asked for engineering diagrams for the breakwaters from the Fish and Wildlife administration. (Until now, we have conceptual diagrams but not anything that could be used to build to.)
      • The Fish and Wildlife grants for these efforts will be awarded in September and in January. While we hope that we can get a grant, that is not yet certain.
      • Luck Stone is willing to donate stones to construct the breakwaters. This donation has been valued at approximately $300,000.
      • The Army Corps of Engineers are willing to contribute approximately one million cubic yards of sand from local dredging to the preservation projects on the beach.
    • The board needs to determine how the Chesapeake Shores homeowners stand on the various plans for preserving the beach. At this point, our general feeling is that:
      • Property owners on the south end of the beach generally favor having breakwaters along their beach in accordance with the engineering concept presented by Scott Hardaway at the July 10 meeting.
      • Property owners from the north end of the beach generally prefer a less intrusive solution that would not damage the appearance of the beach.
      • This is largely due to the fact that erosion has been a much greater problem on the southern end of the beach.
    • The board needs to have further talks with Scott Hardaway to discuss possible beach preservation plans.
      • Peyton Carr will work with Scott Hardaway to try to set up a meeting with the board.
      • In addition, he will invite Bill Powell of the Bavon Beach group to this meeting. (The Bavon Beach group is further advanced in their beach preservation efforts and as such we feel that Bill would be a great source of information on their plans and on preservation efforts in general.)
      • Peyton will also invite Matthew Rowe, who is the Mathews County Planner/Wetlands Administrator, to this meeting. Mr Rowe has been helpful in past efforts related to beach preservation.
  • Action items
    • Billie Millner to update the Articles of Incorporation, to handle the incorporation of the Homeowners Association, and to manage the efforts to transfer the common properties to the association.
    • Peyton Carr to schedule a future meeting of the board with Scott Hardaway.
    • Joe Dzikiewicz to write up and post the minutes to the web site.