Board meeting of April 9, 2011

From Chesapeake Shores HOA
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  • Peyton Carr (President)
  • Jack Caldwell
  • Dave Norris (Treasurer)
  • Joe Dzikiewicz (Secretary)
  • Sonny Fauver (Vice President)
  • Hal Rose
  • Billie Millner (observer)
  • Drew Mulhare (observer)


  • Since the last meeting, the following changes have been made to the board:
    • Joe Sties joined the board for a brief period, then later resigned.
    • Billie Millner resigned from the board.
  • The bylaws are amended. Article 4, section 4.1(I) now reads:
    • (l) Borrow money on behalf of the Association, when required for any valid purpose; provided however, that, either a Majority Vote of the Owners obtained at a meeting held for such purpose or written approval by Owners entitled to cast more than fifty percent of the total number of votes shall be required to borrow any sum. The Board of Directors, by a vote of two thirds of the total number of directors, shall have the right and power to assign and pledge all revenues to be received by the Association.
    • This removes language allowing the HOA to mortgage common properties and requires approval by owners to borrow any sums.
    • This was approved by the board unanimously, with Hal Rose abstaining.
    • The amended bylaws are available here.
  • Our fiscal year is now the calendar year. (Approved unanimously, Hal Rose abstaining.)
  • Our taxes have been filed.
  • The secretary will publish a copy of our budget, footnoted to explain all expenses. (Done: it's here.)
  • We need to make changes to the bylaws to do the following:
    • The HOA is only maintaining Pritchett, not the other roads in the community.
    • The annual HOA meeting will be held on a weekend, not a week day.
    • We will wordsmith these amendments by email between this meeting and the next.
  • The target date for our first annual meeting is September 3. This is the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend.
  • The board appointed an election committee to consist of Sonny Fauver (board representative), Drew Mulhare, and Chuck Neff.
  • As of that meeting, the board will have six members.
  • The board's slate of candidates is:
    • Jack Caldwell
    • Peyton Carr
    • Joe Dzikiewicz
    • Sonny Fauver
    • Linda Korman
    • Dave Norris
  • Drew Mulhare presented the plan being pursued by the owners of the four southernmost Chesapeake Shores homes along with the Bavon Beach community to build structures for the preservation of their beach. The Board sees no reason to object to their efforts to actively engage in the preservation of their property for the breakwater project. (Passed unanimously, Hal Rose abstaining.)
  • The board voted to proceed with the attempt to take ownership of the Chesapeake Shores roads, but to postpone any attempts to deal with the common beach property until we see how the plans of the four southernmost homes proceed. (Passed unanimously, Hal Rose abstaining.)
  • The board agreed to contract with Doug Hart for the lawn service of the common areas. Jack Caldwell is empowered to direct Doug Hart as to when to mow the lawn. (Passed unanimously, Hal Rose abstaining.)
  • The next scheduled board meeting is on July 9, 2011, place and time TBD.