Board meeting of April 14, 2012

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  • Jack Caldwell
  • Peyton Carr
  • Joe Dzikiewicz
  • Sonny Fauver
  • Dave Norris


The board discussed the current status of the legal actions involving ownership of the common beach properties. Joe Sties has requested to withdraw from the legal matters regarding the common beach properties, and to be released from any responsibility for paying costs for the receiver. The board unanimously voted to follow the advice of our attorney, Mr Richard Foard, on the matter.

Homeowner Janet Perlowski was kind enough to review our financial records for 2011. In a letter to Peyton dated March 12, 2012, Janet found that "all [was] in order and well prepared by Dave." (Note: I am not posting the letter to the site as it contains Janet's personal contact information. If any homeowner wishes to see the letter, please contact me and I will send you a copy.)

The board voted unanimously to accept the letter and to give thanks to Janet Perlowski for performing the review.

The board received the treasurer's report. The summary is that our finances are in rough shape due to the legal fees to resolve the common beach properties issues. Once the issue is resolved and we know what our situation is, we'll have to decide how to proceed. In the meanwhile, a board member has offered to loan money to the HOA as necessary to cover our expenses for the current year.

The board unanimously voted to empower Peyton to participate in the permit process for the breakwaters should we get ownership of the common beach properties.

The annual meeting of the HOA will be on Saturday, September 1, 2012 (Labor Day Saturday). Sonny will once again put together the election committee. This year, one board seat is up for election, the one currently held by Jack Caldwell.

The next meeting of the board will be on July 7 at 10:30.