Board Meeting of July 7, 2018

From Chesapeake Shores HOA
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  • Sonny Fauver - President
  • Drew Mulhare - Vice President
  • Joe Dzikiewicz - Secretary
  • Dave Norris - Treasurer
  • Jack Caldwell
  • Peyton Carr


  • Dave presented the treasurer's report. We're in solid shape.
  • Joe has finished the updated member's directory and will send it out with the next email.
  • Annual meeting will be September 1 at the Norris Annex. Dave and Peyton are up for reelection.
  • Pritchett Road drainage pipe issue
    • The drainage pipe under Pritchett Road is collapsing
    • Dave found a contractor to fix it. The quote is to put in a 24 inch pipe, gravel underneath, then more gravel on top.
    • The quote is $7500, which does not include repaving the road.
    • Drew reports that at his home, his HOA was able to establish that all property owners have legal obligation to support road maintenance. Just because we own the road doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t have to support.
    • The decision was to have Dave send out a letter to all 50 homeowners asking for a $200 contribution to the road.