Board Meeting of December 30, 2017

From Chesapeake Shores HOA
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  • Sonny Fauver - President
  • Joe Dzikiewicz - Secretary
  • Dave Norris - Treasurer
  • Jack Caldwell


  • Sonny is reaching out to new neighbors about membership in the HOA, but nothing to report yet.
  • Dave presented the treasurer's report. Details can be seen here.
    • All is good.
    • We are building up solid cash reserves, enough to manage emergencies.
    • In the event of an emergency, we should maintain $2000 cash reserves.
    • The report was universally approved.
  • The drain pipe under Pritchett is corroding. We may need to look into fixing it. That would use up a fair amount of our cash reserve.
  • We will keep dues at $100 for the upcoming year.
  • Drew will draft a note about the breakwaters to include in the annual letter to members.