Board Meeting of August 19, 2017

From Chesapeake Shores HOA
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  • Sonny Fauver - Vice president and acting president
  • Joe Dzikiewicz - Secretary
  • Dave Norris - Treasurer
  • Drew Mulhare
  • Jack Caldwell


  • Peyton Carr has resigned as president of the board, but will remain on the board. Sonny is acting president going into this meeting.
  • We held elections for new officers. The following are the new officers:
    • President: Sonny Fauver
    • Vice President: Drew Mulhare
    • Treasurer: Dave Norris
    • Secretary - Joe Dzikiewicz
  • In addition, Joe will take over ownership of the community mailing list.
  • The board unanimously voted its thanks to Peyton Carr for his several years of service to the HOA and the Chesapeake Shores community.
  • Dave presented the latest budget numbers. All is good: details are as follows:
    • We currently have a cash balance of $10,636.
    • Expenses to date for this year are less than $300.
    • We are budgeted for 38 members at $100 per. We have gotten that many dues-paying members.
    • The full report can be found here.
    • The board approved the report.
  • The annual meeting will be held at 10:30 on Saturday, September 2, at the Beulah Methodist Church.
  • There was some discussion about moving the annual meeting's time and place to the 4th of July weekend at the beach, or adding a social component to it. Nothing was resolved.