Board Meeting of April 15, 2017

From Chesapeake Shores HOA
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  • Peyton Carr - President
  • Joe Dzikiewicz - Secretary
  • Sonny Fauver - Vice president
  • Dave Norris - Treasurer
  • Jack Caldwell


  • Dave presented the latest budget numbers. All is good: details are as follows:
    • We currently have a cash balance of $10,133.
    • Expenses to date for this year are less than $200.
    • We are budgeted for 38 members at $100 per. So far, 32 people have paid dues.
    • Dave expects we'll get 3-5 more, maybe 6.
  • There has been a fair amount of turnover in owners this year. Joe will add a section to the website giving an overview of what the HOA is and what we do.
  • This year, we will plan on having the annual members meeting on Labor Day, as in the past. However, this year we will most likely have the meeting somewhere at the beach instead of at the Beulah Church.
  • We may consider moving the date of the annual meeting, but not this year.