Annual meeting of August 30, 2014

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The Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association had its annual meeting on August 30, 2014, at 10:30 at the Beulah Methodist Church. All board members were present, as was a quorum of the homeowners and association members. 10 families signed the sign-up sheet. The following information was discussed.

Old business

The minutes of last year's meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report

Expenses and receipts are roughly in line with the budgeted figures. The detailed budget is here.

Janet Perlowski has reviewed and approved the financials.

The report was unanimously approved by all members present.

New business

At the request of the board, the members present unanimously voted to approve a change to the bylaws to allow up to 7 members on the board. We do not anticipate increasing the board size immediately, but we want to make it possible in the future. The amended bylaws are here.


Peyton Carr and Dave Norris were reelected to the board without opposition. They have each won three year terms.

Questions from the members

The following questions were presented by the members:

  • Does the road maintenance fee cover fixing potholes on Chesapeake Shores Drive?
    • No. For historical reasons, the parts of Chesapeake Shores Drive to the north and south of Pritchett are different. The homeowners along those areas need to maintain their portions of Chesapeake Shores.
    • However, there was a pothole reported right where Pritchett meets Chesapeake Shores. The HOA should cover repair of that pothole and will look into it.
  • There were some problems reported about the quality of the mowing. Large clumps of grass were left on Pritchett. Further, the cutting of grass did not extend as far as it should south on Chesapeake Shores Drive.
    • Jack Caldwell of the board will talk to our mowing contractor to see that these problems are dealt with.
  • There was discussion about the breakwater project. Water levels continue to rise and we are soon going to have a situation in which it will not be possible to walk all along the beach without wading through the water. There were some proposals that it might be a good idea to harden the point along the southern edge of the beach.
    • There is likely to be resistance from the various stakeholders to building only part of the approved breakwater solution. At this point, the Bavon Beach folks have applied for some government grants to help with the breakwaters, but those grants have been turned down. The costs of the project are too high to be covered by the homeowners. Efforts continue to find a source of funds.