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Update: I've had to lock down edits on the site to stop spammers from adding pages. Sorry about that. If you want to add something to the site, let me know and I'll add it for you.

Welcome to the web page of the Chesapeake Shores Homeowners Association. We are attempting to take ownership of the Chesapeake Shores common areas (e.g., the roads, the beach between the high and low tide lines, other common properties that are not currently owned by anyone). We are also investigating the various plans to construct structures to protect the beach from erosion. We will put notes on our meetings and other information that we find on this website. Please check it occasionally to keep informed of what's going on in this effort.

Note that this is a wiki. A wiki is a way for several people to collaborate in quickly putting together a website. (The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word for fast.) You are all invited to contribute any information or opinions you have about the beach preservation project. Or feel free to post anything here about the beach that you'd like to share with everyone. But please use good netiquette: we're all neighbors here and while we may have disagreements, we share an interest in maintaining the quality of our beach.

To edit these pages or create one of your own, just create an account and hit the edit button. There's lots of resources on the web that will tell you how to quickly and easily edit a page: try here to start.

I've put up some information and written up some of what I've gotten from the initial meetings. These notes reflect my understanding of what I've learned about the beach preservation efforts. No doubt I got some things wrong, and I will correct my misunderstandings as I discover them. (Or feel free to correct any mistakes yourself: that's the advantage of a wiki.)